Our Eco-Friendly Standards

We like staying healthy, so we’ll only use environmentally friendly methods and products


The Mold Proof Green Methodology

Bringing environmentally friendly methods to Albuquerque through the Moldologist™ Network.

  • Reduce: The most important element of any eco-friendly movement is to reduce consumption, so we make it a point to find ways — as a company — to focus on what we really need. We find that many tasks can be solved with a similar set of methods or products, which reduces our consumption.
  • Reuse: We’re committed to finding ways to cut out waste and be more efficient. We strive to reuse what we can while keeping a healthy & clean work environment. We also take part in ongoing training to make sure we’re always using the most effective methods.
  • Recycle: Whenever possible, we purchase supplies and products that use recycled materials.

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