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Crawlspace mold removal is much more difficult than removing mold from the inside of your home. That doesn’t mean it should cost you twice as much. We are part of the Moldologist™ network, with members throughout the country. Together we have hundreds of years experience. Imagine for a moment that you had access to 50, 60, 70 or more professionals in your field of work. With that much brain power, you would figure out how to do your job more efficiently, which equates to lower cost for your clients. That’s exactly what we do for you!

Crawl Space Mold Removal Information

Crawl spaces can be perfect environments for mold growth. These spaces are either inside the home between walls, above the ceiling or, most commonly, beneath homes. They should have a vapor barrier which is commonly a plastic sheeting over the earth to protect the associated wall or foundation. It is important to accurately assess for mold, and microscopically test samples if present. Our mold remedial company removes the mold. Most other treatments only kill surface mold, leaving dead mold to cause further damage. Our experts have extensive knowledge on all forms of mold removal, and we can swiftly remove problem mold using safe, environmentally-friendly and highly effective methods including specialized treatment techniques and HEPA approved equipment.

It Does Not Take Large Amounts Of Moisture For Mold To Grow In A Crawlspace

There doesn’t have to be major flooding for crawlspace mold to appear. These regions are often airless. If moisture invades through structure cracks or blocked air vents, the mold may grow. Our mold experts can inspect your crawl space at no charge. They will outline the best plan for removal. Small mold infested areas may be treated with high-pressure spraying using our proprietary clo2 system. This gets below the surface to eliminate all mold. Mold spores can spread when airborne, so our team uses cross-contamination prevention. We also ventilate area for safety and drying purposes.

Mold Free Now Uses A “Technologically Advanced Vapor System” To Eliminate Crawl Space Mold

Often, Mold Free Now recommends specialized technologically advanced blasting processes that use either high-pressure vapor, ice blaster machines or corn cob blasters. We are certified to assess, prevent, remove and repair mold and its damage. We can also be hired to repair the damaged construction after safely removing the undesirable mold growth in your crawlspace. Our company can help locate where moisture is coming from, in order to completely fix the problem to avoid recurrence. We use heavy-duty vacuums fitted with HEPA filters to extract mold, spores and any treatment residue. We also use air scrubbers to help filter out airborne spores. After mold removal completion, we offer a mold and moisture resistant sealant for the ultimate protective prevention against future mold issues.

Our reputable company can effectively eliminate mold from your crawl space. The products we use are proven safe and very effective against mold. We provide real estate, business and home mold prevention and mold remediation, plus free inspections and crawlspace mold removal quotes. A smart move when buying or selling a property.

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